• "Proper investment in research will lead to new treatments and hope for millions who are currently suffering"

    Dr Andrew McCulloch Chief Executive, Mental Health Foundation Sign Up Today
  • "Investment in mental health research will dramatically change our understanding of mental illness and our ability to prevent and treat it"

    Professor Til Wykes Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London Sign Up Today
  • "I'm supporting Research Mental Health as 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems and too many do not get the help they need"

    Melanie C singer Sign Up Today
  • "Exercise and counselling helps me look after my mental health. Research shows it works. That's why I'm supporting Research Mental Health"

    Jamie Stevenson depression sufferer Sign Up Today
  • "Mental health is not something that gets talked about much, yet affects everyone. Research Mental Health deserves our support as people aren't getting help when they need it most"

    Speech Debelle rapper and Mercury award winner Sign Up Today

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  • There is not enough support for people with mental health disorders, the more support there is to research and funding the easier it will be for someone to stand up and receive help.

  • because I have been there myself. I suffered from PND and found there was little to support me apart from medication. Luckily, I am the kind of person not to stay in one place & did lots of research and was proactive in my recovery. It would be beneficial for others in my position to have accessible help and help prevent further cases of down times throughout life.

  • I think that mental health should be taken more seriously. Specfically I believe that we should encourage every single person to recognise that seeking mental health help does not make you inferior, it only makes you stronger!

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