• "Proper investment in research will lead to new treatments and hope for millions who are currently suffering"

    Dr Andrew McCulloch Chief Executive, Mental Health Foundation Sign Up Today
  • "Investment in mental health research will dramatically change our understanding of mental illness and our ability to prevent and treat it"

    Professor Til Wykes Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London Sign Up Today
  • "I'm supporting Research Mental Health as 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems and too many do not get the help they need"

    Melanie C singer Sign Up Today
  • "Exercise and counselling helps me look after my mental health. Research shows it works. That's why I'm supporting Research Mental Health"

    Jamie Stevenson depression sufferer Sign Up Today
  • "Mental health is not something that gets talked about much, yet affects everyone. Research Mental Health deserves our support as people aren't getting help when they need it most"

    Speech Debelle rapper and Mercury award winner Sign Up Today

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  • I firmly believe that if mental illness is detected in a childs early years many of the serious consequences we have today surely would not exist. To sell our country as a caring honourable one we need to open up the flood gates and educate ourselves and others about mental health illness and what social conditions contribute o it

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  • I'm helping to research mental health because it is very important to me that people suffering receive the best quality of treatment possible,

  • Mental health is still so greatly misunderstood by many, and yet affects such a huge number of people within their lifetime. It is a crucial issue that should be better understood for the good of everyone.

  • from the young to the old is effected by health. Knowing more, and using proactive treatments is a better response for taking care of individual needs. Research allows us to share best practices and push the boundaries to provide better personal care.

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